Aloha Chill'R Dual
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Aloha Chill'R Dual

The Aloha Chill’R is specifically design to keep your food & pupu’s looking & feeling cool. It’s a simply, practical, and elegant serving dish that will keep your guest coming back for more. This wonderfully designed Aloha Chill’R is made to perfection with one of the highest grade of acrylic available, which is extremely durable, and will last for years. Perfect for after ball games, picnics, tailgates and small get together’s.

The Aloha Chill’R consist of three (3) compartments, the bottom pan that holds the ice, the inner compartment with two (2) cavities that holds your food & pupu’s, and the two (2) dome covers that keeps the flies & bugs out.

The Aloha Chill’R measures approx 10 ½” in length, 7 ½” in width, 4” in height, with two (2) 2 ¼” tall dome covers. When storing, the dome covers nest snugly into the inner compartment cavities.

  • Item #: SJ-KeA0001

Aloha Chill'R Dual

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