Little Hawaiian Cookbook: Hurry Up and Wait
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Little Hawaiian Hurry Up and Wait Cookbook by Betty Shimabukuro and Joleen Oshiro

The best of from Hurry Up and Wait is a collection of local-style recipes designed to make the best use of pressure cookers and crock pots.. If you are new to using them, if you cook with one but not the other, or if you are a veteran in search of fresh ideas, these recipes will open your eyes to the versatility of two very handy tools.

Betty Shimabukuro and Joleen Oshiro, writers and editors at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, know that slow cooking and pressure cooking can be tricky. They know that some home cooks give up on the devices because of mediocre results achieved in the past. So they’ve tested and retested dozens of recipes, sought advice from newspaper readers, picked the brains of local chefs—resulting in this compilation.
They’ve made the mistakes that can sabotage a home cook, so you don’t have to.

If you’ve already master ed kālua pork in the pressure cooker or corned beef in your Crock-Pot, try something new from the “Hurry Up and Wait Repertoire.” Make a bread pudding or a cheesecake in either device. Amaze yourself. Cook it fast, cook it slow, or— better—do a little of both.

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Little Hawaiian Cookbook: Hurry Up and Wait

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