Little Hawaiian Cookbook: Japanese Cooking Hawai'i Style

Little Hawaiian Japanese Cooking Hawai'i Style

By Muriel Miura

Japanese cuisine has long been a part of Hawai'i's culinary identity and history. This collection of recipes emphasizes freshness, simplicity, and elegance of presentation-all guiding principles of Japanese cooking. Some recipes have a local touch, some are traditional, others feature creative combinations of flavors, textures, and colors that will add a fresh dimension to your menus. These over forty recipes range from basic soup stocks and rice dishes, to easy-to-make sushi, and the currently popular one pot method of cooking, shabu shabu. Desserts also get their due with signature recipes such as Chichi Dango and Kanten. The directions for each recipe are simply written with most ingredients available in the Asian or Oriental foods section of any market. Many of the cooking methods may already be familiar to you. The recipes are more casual than the "classic" style of Japanese food preparation. It's the perfect introduction to Japanese cuisine as celebrated in the islands

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Little Hawaiian Cookbook: Japanese Cooking Hawai'i Style

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