Little Hawaiian Cookbook: Tastes & Flavors of Mochi
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Tastes & Flavors of Mochi Book

By Jean Watanabe Hee

"What’s chewy and moist, comes in all shapes and sizes, has many different flavors and is easy to prepare? It’s a mochi dessert, always popular in Hawaii! Selected from the best-selling Hawaii’s Best Mochi Recipes by Jean Watanabe Hee, this abridged collection of recipes offers traditional and contemporary mochi delicacies that can be eaten anytime. Have a slice of Mochi Banana Bread for breakfast or taste the versatility of mochi as in entrees such as Crisp Fried Shrimp and Mochiko Chicken. Of course, mochi at its best is a dessert or snack, whether plain or flavored, baked or micro-waved. From Apricot Mochi to Tsubushian Mochi, the endless varieties of this sweet, chewy concoction make eating mochi fun and adventurous."

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Little Hawaiian Cookbook: Tastes & Flavors of Mochi

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