My First Book of Tagalog Words

My First Book of Tagalog Words: Filipino Rhymes and Verses

By Liana Romulo, illustrations by Jaime Laurel

In the age-old tradition of teching language through rhyme and verse, My First Book of Tagalog Words introduces Philippine language and culture to preschool children in a playful and nonintimidating way.  Its ABC structure provides a familiar framework that encourages fun and easy learning.  Its bold and bright illustrations aim to make children laugh, appealing to them at the level of the heart.

The words profiled in this book are all commonly used in the Filipino language and are both informative and fun for English-speaking children to learn. The goals of My First Book of Tagalog Words are multiple: to familiarize children with the sounds and structure of the Tagalog language; to introduce core elements of Filipino culture; to illustrate the ways in which languages differ in their treatment of everyday sounds; and to show how, through cultural importation, a single word can be shared between languages.

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My First Book of Tagalog Words

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