The Asian Barbeque Book From Teriyaki to Tandoori
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The Asian Barbeque Book From Teriyaki to Tandoori

By Alex Skaria with Photography by Alberto Cassio

125 Tantalizing Recipes for your Grill

"The Asian Barbecue Book is perfect for barbecue enthusiasts looking for exciting new ingredients and techniques to create that perfect hot-off-the-flame meal. It is full of rich, smoky and meaty barbecue dishes, including classic Asian recipes such as Indonesian Satay, Korean Barbecue and Persian Shish Kebabs—and new favorites like Chicken Wings with Hoisin Honey Marinade, Beef Short Ribs with Teriyaki Glazing and Salmon Filet with Miso Marinade.

Introductory sections include barbecuing fundamentals—essential for beginners and a great review for more experienced grillers—as well as dozens of recipes for Asian rubs, glazes, marinades, basting sauces and condiments to liven up your grill and table. Complete with sides, salads and desserts, this treasury of Asian barbecue recipes will be a resource for years to come."

With The Asian Barbecue Book cooks will learn how to make classic Asian barbecue dishes - from Southeast Asian satays, Japanese yakitori and korean barbecue to Indian tandoor, Chinese roast pork and Presian shish kebabs, and many more.  

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The Asian Barbeque Book From Teriyaki to Tandoori

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