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Our products are contemporary. They show the blending of ‘tradition’, ethnic heritage, and culture with a modern touch.

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NOW IN STOCK  - Images of America - San Jose's Japantown !

 Out of 46 Japantowns, only three remain in California. San Jose's Japantown is unique in that it is the only surviving Japantown that has remained in its original location. Today, San Jose's Japantown is a thriving and evolving mix of traditional and contemporary arts, culture, and lifestyle.


NOW IN STOCK - Jake Shimabukuro's new CD: Live in Japan!
Experience amazing his performances on his 2015 tour!


NOW AVAILABLE: Reyn Spooner 2016 Giants Shirts

and Reyn Spooner Kamaka Shirts in Black and Blue


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"My Neighbor Totoro" Lover? Check out our new Totoro items!


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Check out Hiroshima's new all vocal CD: Songs With Words, now available on our website & in store!!!

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